About this program

Since 1971 the University of Florida Department of Health Education and Behavior has offered a Master of Science in Health Education and Behavior.

The mission of the Department of Health Education and Behavior (HEB) is to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding of health to promote healthier living. The focus of the HEB is to prepare students to promote healthy lifestyle choices in individual and group settings, and among diverse populations using culturally appropriate health education methodologies. Additionally, HEB seeks to prepare health education professionals capable of assessing individual and community health needs; developing, planning, and implementing effective health education programs; evaluating health education program effectiveness; coordinating the provision of health education services; acting as a resource person in health education; and communicating health/health education needs, concerns and resources.

To this end, HEB prepares health education specialists and health behavior scientists to research, develop, implement, and evaluate health promotion policies, programs, and services aimed at reducing the burden associated with the leading causes of mortality, morbidity, and disability and to become leaders in the field for the 21st Century. One of the department’s program goals promotes preparation of competent health educators. Through teaching excellence, our faculty strive to create a sense of professionalism within our students and prepare competent professional health education specialists. This means holding individuals accountable for their actions and encouraging excellence in all areas. Students will often comment that they are excited about the idea of not just helping others to live a better life, but that they will be able to empower others to take control of their health through the educational programs that they create.

Moreover, the MS degree program in Health Education and Behavior aligns with the University of Florida’s mission by providing an environment where graduate students can participate in an educational process that links the history of Western Europe with the traditions and cultures of all societies, explores the physical and biological universes and nurtures generations of young people from diverse backgrounds to address the needs of the world’s societies.

Our mission aligns directly with the College of Health and Human Performance, with regard to providing recognized programs of excellence in teaching, research, and service that focus on assisting individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease while enhancing quality of life across the life span.